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Slick grandmother seen on video stealing tablet computer at restaurant

By Mason White 4:15 PM January 27, 2014
Vera Bradley case illustration 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) Regina Sanchez accidentally left her tablet on a window sill at a restaurant, and before she was able to retrieve it, the device was stolen.

Sanchez of Windsor, Connecticut, is a small business owner. She explained that she had just finished a meeting at the restaurant when she accidentally left the tablet behind.

It took a while for her to get the surveillance video from the Panera Bread, which is located in the Burlington Plaza Shopping Center in Massachusetts, where the tablet was left.

When she finally reviewed the video, she was shocked to see that the thief was an elderly woman and her grown daughter.

She called police to report the theft of her Samsung Galaxy tablet, which was in a Vera Bradley case.

Burlington Police released footage of the surveillance cameras in the hope that someone will recognize the elderly thief.

After the video was made public, the elderly woman’s daughter took the tablet to police.

The suspects were identified by police as Jessie O’Shea, who is in her 70s and her daughter, Kelly Dartona, who is about 50-years-old.

Police are still investigating the incident and the two may be facing criminal charges.