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Woman arrested after her son repeatedly raped his 10-year-old sister

By Mason White 4:08 PM January 27, 2014
Melissa Rocha 

By: Eva Fett
A woman is being held accountable for the sexual abuse that occurred in her house between her two children.

Melissa Rocha, 33, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was arrested for allowing the sexual abuse of her daughter, who is a minor.

Rocha was also booked on outstanding warrants for driving without a license, and for improperly displaying her license plate.

Rocha is accused of leaving her young daughter in the care of her teenage son when she went to play pool every week.

She continued to leave them home alone, despite learning that the child was being sexually assaulted by her brother, according to Tulsa Police Cpl. Greg Smith.

“She did not take any steps to prevent it from happening or to separate them,” he said.

Detectives also alleged that when they attempted to interview the 10-year-old, Rocha told her not to talk with them.

The teenage boy, who is also a minor, is facing charges for the assault.