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4-year-old gets $600 life size replica of himself as a birthday cake

By Mason White 4:13 PM January 27, 2014
Alfie Rose next to his replica birthday cake 

By: Shifra Unger
A boy and his family were delighted with a birthday cake, which was a perfect replica of the child.

4-year-old Alfie Rose was overwhelmed when he was presented a life-size replica of himself made of chocolate cake.

The incredible “Alfie Cake” is so realistic, it looked like a wax model of himself, but he was able to eat it.

Lara Clarke, 27, is the baker who made this wonderful creation.
It took her 15 hours to make.

The cake was a birthday gift to Alfie from his godmother Tammy Morris, 25, and her husband Stephen, 35. They spent £400 ($660) for the cake creation.

The cake weighed two stone (28 pounds) and was made from a many layers of sponge cake and cream, which were then decorated with colored icing to replicate his clothes.

In addition to the life size replica of himself, the baker added a replica of his favorite stuffed monkey.

“Alfie was so happy. He was yelling and pointing, ‘me, me, it’s Alfie and the Monkey,’” Chantelle Rose, 23, said.