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Boy manages to stop fleeing robbers and get belongings back

By Mason White 4:06 PM January 27, 2014
Thief illustration 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A boy came home from school to find a robber stealing his electronics.

Alex Leek, 14, of Missouri, was surprised to see a stranger in his house.

When the thief saw the youngster, he stole Leek’s phone
so that he could not call the police. He then fled from the scene.

However, the 14-year-old was not going to let the thief get away with his family’s valuables.

So he followed the thief until he was able to find an adult, who helped him stop the man.

“I just kept following this guy. I was like hiding so that he could not see me,” Alex said.

Leek asked some adults for help, but they refused to get involved with the robber.

When he arrived near the Trails West Library in Kansas City, he walked up to the security guard and asked for help in stopping the robber.

The security guard came out of the library and ordered the thief to stop.

The thief dropped some of the stolen items and ran away, but police caught him a few blocks away.

The family was reunited with about $1,000 worth of items, which the thief took from their home.