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Pastor rapes his wife in front of her 8-year-old son

By Mason White 3:41 PM January 28, 2014

By: Sarah Weiss
A pastor is facing rape and domestic violence charges after he raped and abused his wife in front of their son.

The pastor of a church in Ivory Park, South Africa, has been accused of being physically and sexually abusive to his 28-year-old wife.

The woman filed a complaint with police, but they refused to press charges. Instead, they told her to file for an order of protection against him.

That all changed when neighbors witnessed the woman being beaten by her husband, and they restrained the pastor until police arrived.

In that incident, a neighbor heard the woman screaming. He went to their home and saw her lying in the floor while her husband was sitting on top of her.

The neighbor called for help and broke the window to the pastor’s residence. The pastor tried to flee, but neighbors held him down.

“My husband calls himself a man of God, but he raped and abused me. I finally left home to escape the abuse,” the battered woman said.

She also said that her 8-year-old son witnessed the rape.

“He said that was his property,” the woman added.

“I thought if I stayed and prayed for him he would change, but I was wrong,” she explained.

Officer Neldah Sekgobe said that a case of domestic violence and rape was opened against the pastor at the Ivory Park police station.