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Corrections officer resigns after repeatedly sexually assaulting pregnant inmate

By Mason White 3:23 PM January 28, 2014
Pregnant woman in jail 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A woman told the court that she was sexually assaulted many times by a corrections officer, who was supposed to protect her.

The officer, who was identified as Xavier Thicklen, 25, resigned as soon as authorities began investigating the allegations.

The 22-year-old pregnant woman, who was in jail for a robbery, was just weeks from giving birth when she was sexually assaulted.

The woman notified jail staff of the assault. She told authorities that she has been sexually assaulted on five separate occasions including a few days after having her baby.

The woman said that Thicklen either took her to the prison clinic or told her that she had a visit from her lawyer, and when the two were alone, Thicklen assaulted her.