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Angry residents ‘steal’ robber from police and beat him up

By Mason White 3:33 PM January 30, 2014
Suspect under arrest (top left)
Man opening car door (top right)
Suspects flee (bottom left)
Thief taken to repair damage at crime scene (bottom right)

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A community carried out street justice on a thief, who robbed one of their neighbors.

The thief was arrested by police after he robbed a family.

However, local residents of Grasmere, Gauteng, South Africa, decided to teach him a lesson so he will never mess with them.

Residents kidnapped the 23-year-old thief from the back of the police van.

It all began when the De Deur Police arrived at the scene, and the suspect was placed in the back of the van with two other suspects, who were there from a previous arrest.

However, residents followed the police van until they managed to open the door and release the prisoners.

The two unknown suspects managed to escape, but the thief was not so lucky.

Residents beat him up and then demanded that he fix the damage he caused before being released.

Meanwhile, the police officer drove back to the station without realizing that no one was in the back of the van.

“We will investigate how the suspects escaped from the police van,” a police spokesperson said.