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Woman asks judge to change her legal name to Sexy

By Mason White 3:53 PM January 30, 2014
Name change to Sexy illustration 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A woman who always hated the name she was given at birth, decided to finally change it.

Sheila Renea Crabtree of Pataskala, Ohio, hates the name so much that she is determined to change it to something cool.

Crabtree, a mother of two teenagers, who refused to disclose her age, filed the necessary paperwork with the court to have her name changed.

She wants to drop the name Sheila and change it to “Sexy.”

Crabtree said that the name is appropriate because her husband calls her Sexy all the time.

Crabtree could face some opposition from the judge if he finds the name to be unfit.

She said that if the judge opposes the name Sexy then she will go with the name “Sparkle.”