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Man pulls gun on store clerk before having a change of heart and putting money in a charity box

By Mason White 11:16 AM January 31, 2014
Beer illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A bizarre incident was caught on a store surveillance video.

A man walked into a One Stop Store in Stretford, United Kingdom, and took two bottles of beer.

He then walked up to the counter and demanded the 51-year-old female worker to give him a discount of £1 (about $1.65).

When the cashier explained that she cannot give him the discount, the man removed a gun from his waistband.

The horrified store clerk told the gunman that police were on the way.

He was not happy about that, and rather than getting into trouble, the man put away the gun and said: “I do not want that.”

He took only one bottle of beer and paid £3 for it. The store clerk gave him the proper change.

The suspect then placed the change into a charity box and left.

Police are taking the incident very seriously, as the female worker was shaken by the incident.

Police are looking for the suspect before he strikes again.