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Girl survives after parachute fails to open during her sweet 16 skydiving trip

By Mason White 10:35 AM January 31, 2014
Failing while skydiving illustration 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A sweet 16 birthday gift turned into a disaster when a girl’s parachute did not open.

Mackenzie Wethington, of Joshua, Texas, was celebrating her 16th birthday by taking a Skydiving trip with her father in Oklahoma.

Although it was her first time skydiving, the teen chose to jump by her own.

Her father went first, and he landed safely, but when he watched his daughter take the leap, he was horrified, as her parachute malfunctioned.

Miraculously, Wethington survived after she plummeted 3,500 feet to the ground.

She was badly injured and was taken to a hospital with broken bones and internal injuries.

Mackenzie’s family said that she broke the vertebrae and bones in her back, but she was not paralyzed.

Wethington and her father took the 6 hour training course before the jump.

When a parachute jump goes wrong, chances of survival are slim.

Thankfully, Mackenzie Wethington is alive and she is recovering.