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Priest arrested after being caught with a human head

By Mason White 4:18 AM February 2, 2014
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By: Hydar Tomar
A priest and another man were arrested and charged with transporting human body parts after they were caught with a human head, police in Ghana said.

Afienya Police said that they have arrested a man and his accomplice after trying to smuggle a human skull from Volta to Kumasi.

Simon Yovou, 34, a priest, and Thomas Dodzie Nodzi, 38, both of Afienya, were caught after police received a tip.

The skull was sent to a forensic laboratory for further testing.

A police spokesperson said that the two were seen with the skull aboard a commercial bus.

Police boarded the bus and found the skull in Yovou’s bag.

Police later arrested Nodzi after Yovou named him as his accomplice during questioning.

According to the initial investigation, the skull was to be delivered to Dzabaku, a priest in Kumasi.

Police are still trying to figure out from where the two suspects got the skull.