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Man seen on video crashing his car and masturbating

By Mason White 5:57 AM February 2, 2014
Vincent J. Wade masturbating 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
Residents in Pennsylvania, were shocked to see a naked man emerge from a crashed car and masturbating, police Pennsylvania said.

Philadelphia Police said that they arrested Vincent J. Wade, 34, of New Jersey, on Monday, and charged him with drunk driving.

Wade was seen standing at the driver’s side door of his Toyota Camry with his pants around his ankles. His car crashed around 10:30 a.m., into a pole on the 500 block of West Lehigh Avenue.

After crashing, Wade became furious and was incoherent.

Wade began masturbating in front of three men at the scene. The video, which shows Wade completely naked, was uploaded to YouTube, and it went viral.

Police said that Wade tested positive for drugs and was not injured.

Wade was released after posting bail, which was set at $5,000.