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Officer caught on video stealing cases of beer from supermarket

By Mason White 3:44 AM February 3, 2014
Miller Lite beer bottle illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) An officer of the court was arrested after he was caught on video stealing cases of beer at a local supermarket, police in Ohio said.

Now, Hamilton County officer Richard Frey, 43, admitted to stealing Miller Lite from the Remke store in Harrison.

Frey said that he scanned the wrong barcode in order to steal the beer.

There are two bar codes on a case of beer, a bar code for a single beer and a barcode for the case. Frey was scanning the barcode of one beer, and taking the case of beer.

Frey stole a case of beer at least six times.

A supermarket manager said it was easy to nail Frey with the theft because he used his card for the purchases.

Frey agreed to pay for the stolen beer, and after completing community service, the charges will be dropped.