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Man commits suicide after being unable to pay for the bride he purchased

By Mason White 5:16 AM February 3, 2014
Noose on tree illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A man was found dead after he hanged himself because he was unable to pay for the bride he purchased, police in Nigeria said.

Kebbi State Police said that 24-year-old man Abubakar Ahmed, was found hanging from a tree on Saturday morning.

A source close to Ahmed told police that he committed suicide after being unable to marry his bride.

Ahmed owned and worked on several farms.

Ahmed was supposed to pay a N40,000 ($250) bride price for his wedding that was scheduled to take place last week.

Ahmed was very depressed after his wedding was postponed until he can find the money to pay for his bride.

Ahmed tried to recover a debt in order to pay the bride price, and after he was unable to collect his debt, he decided to end his life.

Police launched an investigation into the incident.