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Women line up around the block to be treated by the world’s hottest gynecologist

By Mason White 6:02 AM February 3, 2014
Manuel Rico 

By: Hydar Tomar
Hundreds of women flocked to a hospital where the world’s hottest gynecologist began to work, hospital officials in Chile said.

Manuel Rico, 24, has caused a stir among women since arriving in Concepcion, Chile.

The part-time model has been flooded with work at the university hospital where he is completing an internship.

Hospital officials organized a press conference to announce that the winner of the Mr. Spanish Beauty 2010, began working at the hospital.

Now, long lines of women are seen outside his office on a daily basis.

Rico, who plans to return to Spain once his internship is completed later this year, said he prefers to focus on his medical career instead of living the celebrity lifestyle.

“I prefer to remain anonymous. The modeling I did was a great experience, but I do not want anything more to do with it now,” he said.