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2-year-old boy dies of methadone overdose

By Mason White 3:42 AM February 4, 2014
Jill Goff and Aiden Goff 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A little boy is dead after consuming a large amount of methadone, police in Utah said.

Now, Tooele Police said that his mother, Jill Goff, is behind bars.

Three of her five children tested positive for methadone.

Goff was charged with child abuse and reckless conduct that resulted in the death of a child. The charges were filed after first responders were called to the home of Goff on Friday night, where they found her 2-year-old unresponsive.

The boy was declared dead at the scene.

The siblings of Aiden Goff were treated at a local hospital.