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Parents chain their teen to the floor so they can go shopping

By Mason White 4:22 AM February 5, 2014
Chained feet illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A couple was arrested and charged with child abuse after they allegedly chained their teen to the floor of their home so they can go shopping, police in Germany said.

The couple is also accused of chaining their 13-year-old in order to prevent him from leaving the house to meet his friends that they did not approve of.

The boy’s mother and her partner chained the teen around his ankle. The child was able to go to the bathroom as the chain was about 15 feet long.

The child was sent to get psychiatric treatment.

The boy’s mother and her partner said that they chained their child because they found it difficult to raise him, as he left the house without permission and met youngsters they did not like.

The incident came to light when the boy told his biological father that he was being chained.

The 41-year-old mother and her 48-year-old partner face charges of unlawful imprisonment.