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Female Arab Israeli soldier declares ‘I came to serve my country and my home’

By Mason White 12:49 PM February 5, 2014
Monaliza Abdo 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A female Arab Israeli soldier proudly proclaimed that she enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces in order to serve her country and her home, IDF Blog reported.

Monaliza Abdo is an Arab, Christian, Israeli, and a brave defender of Jews and minorities alike. She wasn’t required to enlist in the Israeli army, but her determination to protect Israel motivated her to volunteer.

As a fighter on Israel’s southern border, she rose through the ranks to become a commander, teaching soldiers how to combat terrorism and other threats. Just over a month ago, she honorably completed three years of service – one more than the required number for Israeli women.

We had the chance to join Monaliza on the day of her release from the IDF. In this video, she speaks to us entirely in Arabic, explaining her commitment to serve the State of Israel and protect all of its citizens.

“I keep the country of Israel safe, not only for the Jews but for the Arabs too,” she said. “I came [to the IDF] to serve my country and my home.”