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Man drugs and rapes his wife in front of her mother two days after giving birth

By Mason White 4:44 AM February 6, 2014
Date rape drug illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
A woman accused her husband of drugging and raping her after she refused to have sex, a court in Nigeria has heard.

30-year-old Glory Ojuala of Lagos State, who married her husband 15 years ago, sued her husband for a divorce in court, claiming sexual assault.

The sexual assault occurred after the husband offered Glory a soft drink that was laced with drugs.

Glory, a mother of three, said that two days after she gave birth, her husband demanded to have sex in full view of her mother.

She told the court that she refused because she was still recovering from the pains of childbirth and was also breastfeeding.

After drinking the soda, she passed out and woke up three days later in a hospital.

The woman said that her husband admitted to putting her to sleep and having sex with her.

The woman also told the court that her husband doesn’t care about the children.

Her husband Alex, denied all the charges made against him and said that he took care of his family, but things went sour when he and his wife started having misunderstandings.