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Taxi driver hangs himself after being accused of stealing cellphone

By Mason White 5:38 AM February 6, 2014
Noose from a tree illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A man is dead after hanging himself because he was accused of stealing a cellphone, police in Nigeria said.

Taxi driver Aki, 34, of Sauka, was found hanging from a tree near a lake known as a meeting place for drug traffickers.

The victim was depressed after he was accused of stealing a cellphone worth about N15,000 ($95) from his neighbor.

The incident began when Loveth Chidoke filed a complaint with police, reporting that her cellphone was stolen.

The woman was told that Aki stole her phone, but the man denied the allegations.

Chidoke said that Aki was the only person who entered her home after she left, and when she returned home, her phone was missing.

Chidoke went to a holy person, who revealed that Aki took her phone. Aki allegedly admitted to taking her phone and selling it for N5,000 ($30). Aki also promised to repay the woman.