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Woman seen on video eating designer handbag on train

By Mason White 5:59 AM February 6, 2014
Woman eating handbag 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) Train passengers freaked out after they saw a woman eating her handbag, a video uploaded to YouTube showed.

The bizarre incident took place on a New York subway on Tuesday.

The YouTube video showed a blond woman walking proudly with her handbag, sitting down in a train car and placing the handbag on her lap.

To the great dismay of her traveling companions, she then takes a big bite out of the top corner of the bag.

Gradually, while chewing away, it becomes clear that the fashion accessory is actually a chocolate cake.

The woman also pulled off some of the black icing of the handbag cake and swallowed it.

Later, she offered a piece of her handbag to a man sitting next to her.

The man quickly removed his glove and took a bite.

The Chanel handbag cake was made by pastry chef instructor Michelle Olson and Claudia Silva of the International Culinary Center.

It took eight hours to make the cake.

A handbag cake will cost you about $650.