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Police called to investigate domestic violence incident find pigs having sex

By Mason White 6:17 AM February 6, 2014
Pigs illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) Police officer were shocked to find pigs having sex after being called to investigate a domestic violence incident, police in Maine said.

The incident began when a woman of China, called police to report domestic violence. The woman who lives on Hanson Road, told police that she can hear fighting at her neighbor’s house.

“The caller said she heard screams,” Maine State Police said.

State Trooper Thomas Bureau, along with three other officers went to the house in order to investigate. Bureau arrived at the house.

“The homeowner told police that his male pig was screaming because he was in a pen with five other female pigs and was having sex,” according to the police report.

After seeing the pigs, police concluded that there was no domestic assault and no screaming.