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Consumers disgusted as clothing company uses rat fur in cashmere products

By Mason White 5:03 AM February 7, 2014
Rat fur illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A company was busted for using rat fur in their cashmere labeled products, police in Italy said.

Police said that they arrested 14 people and seized more than one million garments.

The Chinese suspects were arrested in the cities of Livorno and Rome, after a year long investigation, and have been charged with fraud and booked into jail.

Clothes that were labeled as cashmere contained a mixture of acrylic, viscose, and skin of rats and other animals, according to court documents. Bogus merino wool, silk and pashmina clothes were also seized.

China vowed to crack down on counterfeiting as it damages the “Made In China” label around the world.