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Credit card thief caught after trying to eat stolen bank information

By Mason White 5:26 AM February 9, 2014
Credit cards illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
A credit card thief was put out of business after a police officer caught him eating stolen bank information, a court in the United Kingdom was told.

Prosecutors said that a hotel clerk sold customer bank details for several years.

Alain Tchokote worked at the Ibis Hotel, which is located on Princess Street, Manchester, at night.

He is accused of secretly supplying credit card details of customers to a thief in France.

Tchokote’s crime came to light after police were called to a domestic violence incident at his home. The 28-year-old ended up being arrested for disorderly conduct.

When the suspect was in police custody, he began to chew a piece of paper containing the bank details of customers. Thinking that he was trying to swallow some drugs, an officer tried to stop him.

The officer was able to recover the incriminating document.

Tchokote later admitted that he had sold data, including credit cards, names and addresses.