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Man seen on video swallowing live goldfish in NekNomination stunt

By Mason White 5:45 AM February 9, 2014
Goldfish illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A man was slammed after he was seen swallowing live goldfish as part of the NekNomination craze.

Ben Elphick was accused of animal cruelty after he placed two goldfish in a mixture of alcohol and drank it in seconds.

Elphick stripped to his boxers to perform the stunt on video.

After mixing the cocktail, which included vodka and tequila, stunned onlookers saw him pulling a plastic bag filled with water containing goldfish.

He cut the bag open with scissors, took the fish in his hand and gestured to the camera as it rattled in his palm.

Then, he dropped it into the mixture of alcohol and swallowed it.

“It’s time for dessert,” he said.

“What a surprise. Another fish,” he said as he lifted a baseball cap from a nearby table, revealing a glass with another goldfish swimming around.

The man downed the goldfish in a matter of seconds.

After burping and trying to catch his breath, he nominated three friends to participate in the NekNomination drinking game.