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Drug addicted Crown Heights couple found dead of drug overdose

By Mason White 1:02 PM February 11, 2014
Drug abuse illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A couple was found dead in their apartment of an apparent drug overdose, police in New York said.

The New York Police Department said that a young couple was found dead in their Crown Heights apartment on Sunday night.

The victims were identified as 26-year-old Sara Boudreaux and 28-year-old Geoffrey Boos.

Their bodies were fully clothed and there were no signs of forced entry, trauma or injury, according to a police spokesperson. The medical examiner’s office will rule on the official cause of death.

Boudreaux and Boos were found dead inside their apartment, which is located at 970 Eastern Parkway between Troy and Schenectady avenues.

Police initially received a missing persons report on the two.

Police found Boudreaux’s body on the bed and Boos on the bedroom floor.

A neighbor told police that he always noticed a strong drug smell coming from their apartment.