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Woman demands divorce because husband uses snake during sex

By Mason White 4:35 AM February 13, 2014
Snake in bedroom illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A woman of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is dragging her husband to court after her husband allegedly forced her to have sex with a snake.

The woman told a court that she left her husband after she discovered a snake in the bedroom.

The husband was using juju (religious ritual) because every time they had sex she would bleed before falling ill, the court was told.

The woman said that her husband was using the snake during sex. She also said that she found out about this after a prophet performed a cleansing ceremony in her house.

The woman, Idah Mutarara, also found a bottle full of blood that was hidden by her husband, Gideon Nyamayevhu, behind the bedroom door.

After realizing that her husband was using juju, Mutarara left because she feared for her life. She also revealed that her husband was married to five women, who all mysteriously died.

Nyamayevhu admitted to some of the allegations.

Judge Victor Mpofu ordered Nyamayevhu to pay his wife $40 per month for maintenance and child support for his three children.