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Blind man jailed after sunbathing naked in his garden

By Mason White 4:43 AM February 17, 2014
Blind man with walking stick illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A blind man was arrested, charged and convicted of harassment after he was accused of harassing his neighbors, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

Hugh McLaughlin, 66, of Ffordd Las, Rhyl, was convicted of two counts of harassing neighbors.

He was accused of playing loud music at night, hammering and drilling in the early hours of the morning, shouted obscenities, setting fires in his garden, making numerous false complaints to the police against his neighbors and sunbathing in the nude.

The court was told that after McLaughlin’s dog died, he put the body in a dumpster and showed it to teens in the area.

However, McLaughlin remained defiant and accused officials of persecuting him because he is blind.

The court sentenced the defendant to four months in prison for being a neighbor from hell.

As he was being sentenced, McLaughlin shouted that he is a good neighbor.