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Two men set police officer on fire after being arrested for traffic offenses

By Mason White 10:23 AM February 18, 2014
Bus on fire illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
A police officer was set on fire after detaining two people for traffic violations, a court in Nigeria has heard.

40-year-old Laminu Rasidi, a bus driver, was charged on Monday with assault after setting police officer Ashafa Ahmadu on fire.

Lagos Police also charged Okikiola Bello for being an accomplice of the driver.

Bello and Rasidi were also charged with two counts of violation of the public peace.

The two men pleaded not guilty.

The incident occurred on Jagunmolu Road in Lagos.

The defendants were detained for obstructing traffic flow and other traffic offenses. The police officer waited on the bus for backup to arrive. That is when the two suspects doused gasoline on the police officer and set him on fire.

Luckily, passersby were able to extinguish the flames quickly.

The two suspects were brought before the Lagos Magistrate’s Court for bail hearings were they were released on bail.