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Father sells his newborn baby to buy bicycle

By Mason White 10:26 AM February 18, 2014
Baby doll illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A man was arrested and charged with human trafficking after he was caught selling his newborn baby in order to have cash to buy a bicycle, police in Nigeria said.

Delta State Police said that they also arrested a couple for buying and selling babies in their home, which is located on Urhobo Road.

According to the initial investigation, a midwife and her husband, who own a small pharmacy, bought and sold newborn babies.

The couple bought babies from parents who were in desperate need of cash, and sold the babies to couples who were unable to have children on their own.

The couple was caught after a man, who wanted cash to buy himself a new bicycle, agreed to sell his newborn baby without the knowledge of his wife.

When the woman went into labor, she was put to sleep, and the midwife took her newborn baby. Later, when the woman awoke, she asked to see her newborn baby. Her husband told her that the baby died and was buried.

The woman suspected that something was wrong and she immediately called police. Police raided the home of the midwife and found evidence of human trafficking.

During questioning, the midwife and her husband admitted to the allegations.