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Police beat man to death outside movie theater after trying to break up fight between wife and daughter

By Mason White 10:38 AM February 18, 2014
Recording video on cellphone illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) Police officers of Oklahoma, are being accused of beating a man to death in front of his horrified daughter, and it was all recorded on video.

Moore police detectives said that Luis Rodriguez died after being handcuffed by police officers responding to a domestic dispute in a movie theater on Friday.

Before police arrived to the Warren Theater, Rodriguez’s wife, Nair Rodriguez, had a dispute with her daughter, Lunahi Rodriguez.

Luis Rodriguez intervened and tried to break up the dispute. His wife fled from the scene and police officers placed Luis Rodriguez under arrest.

Lunahi Rodriguez said that her father did not resist arrest, but was repeatedly beaten by the officers. She said that the police beat her father to death in the parking lot of the theater.

Nair Rodriguez said her husband was just trying to break up the fight between her and her daughter. She said that she hit her daughter in the face when her husband intervened. She said that she knew her husband was dead when she saw his body.

Three police officers were placed on administrative leave while detectives investigate the death of Rodriguez.

Lunahi Rodriguez said that her mother recorded the incident on her cell phone, but police confiscated it.