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Woman stabs her neighbor with broken plate because she didn’t keep clean

By Mason White 11:32 AM February 19, 2014
Broken plate illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A woman who was fed up with her messy neighbor, stabbed her with a broken plate, a court in Nigeria has heard.

Lagos Police said that 22-year-old student Mathias Stephenie, was arrested on Tuesday, after being accused of stabbing her neighbor with a broken plate.

The defendant, who resides at 3 Silifat Abioye Street, Oke-Ira, Ogba, faces one charge of assault.

Stephenie stabbed her neighbor, Angel Wisdom, with a broken plate, following a dispute about not cleaning her property.

According to the initial police investigation, before the attack, the defendant was washing some dishes, and when the dispute broke out, Stephenie broke one of her plates and stabbed Wisdom in the stomach, face and hand, causing serious bodily injury.

The suspect was before the Lagos Magistrate’s Court for a bail hearing where she was released on N50,000 ($300) bail.