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New York Police warn about new scam after man posed as IRS agent and demanded past due taxes

By Mason White 4:40 PM February 20, 2014
IRS building illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
Police in New York have issued a warning to the public after receiving a report about a man, who is posing as an IRS agent and is demanding payment for past due taxes, police of the 109th Precinct said in a statement.

A 75-year-old man of Southeast Asian descent was called by a man, who identified himself as an IRS agent. The caller demanded payment of $4,000 for back taxes.

Since the victim was skeptical, the male caller stated he would have the police call him back to verify this information. The complainant received a second call with the Caller ID displaying the 109th Precinct’s telephone number.

The male identified himself as Inspector Brian Maguire. The caller stated that if the money was not paid, a warrant would be out for his arrest. Thankfully, the complainant did not fall victim to this scam.

Scanners usually demand payment through MoneyGram.

Police also warned that scammers may claim that a loved one is being held against their will or was involved in an accident and payment is needed to gain their freedom.

Scammers may claim that a grandson or relative has been locked up in another country and that individual is in need of bail money.

The New York Police Department is not a debt collection agency, police said.