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Thousands of euros found at garbage disposal site

By Mason White 11:18 AM February 21, 2014
Euro notes illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A company is out thousands of euros after accidentally placing the notes into the garbage, a garbage disposal site in Germany said in a statement.

Now, Bavarian Police are looking for the owner of the shredded euros that were found in the landfill last Thursday.

Staff at the Moosach plant could not believe their eyes when their industrial shredder began spitting out money.

“We called the police, who thought that someone must have thrown tens of thousands of euros by accident, possibly while cleaning and not adequately looking at what was being put in the garbage,” a staff member of the landfill said.

Bundesbank staff were called to calculate the amount of money that was found shredded.

Police said on Tuesday that they were looking for the owner. “We are handling this as a case of lost property,” police said in a statement.

They believe that whoever threw away the money lives in the area of ​​Munich.

If no one claims the money it will go to the staff of the garbage disposal site.