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McDonald’s manager fired after paying for firefighters’ food

By Mason White 6:41 PM February 22, 2014
McDonald’s sandwiches illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) People are angry after learning that McDonald’s fired an employee who paid for firefighters’ food.

Heather Levia, 23, is a mother of twins, working two jobs and is in nursing school. She works very hard, and therefore has an appreciation for the hard work of first responders.

When some firefighters in Olean, New York, came to order food after fighting a house fire in freezing temperatures, Levia paid their $83 bill herself. Later, another fire department ordered food.

After already paying $83 for the first food order, Levia asked her boss if the restaurant could pay the bill. Her boss said no. After checking with the company, Levia was told again that no. She and her colleagues covered the cost of the food.

When firefighters learned that Levia paid the bill, they called her boss to complain. The next day, she was fired after 8 years of working for the company.

Levia said that although she lost her job she does not regret what she did. She said that she would do it again.