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Judge gets angry and suspends trial because defense attorney arrived to court without his tie

By Mason White 10:36 AM February 23, 2014
Tie illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
Courtroom proceedings were disrupted all because of a tie.

A judge in Argentina, suspended a trial because he accused a defense lawyer of a “lack of decency and respect,” for not wearing his tie.

The incident occurred during an assault case in Chubut.

Judge Daniel Arguiano scolded one of the lawyers for the defendant because he had no tie.

The judge became furious by the wardrobe malfunction.

The criminal case continued after two hours, and this time, the defense attorney was wearing a new tie.

Last October, Lansing, Michigan, District Judge Hugh Clarke, was in the courtroom when his own cell phone rang while he was on the bench.

The judge immediately fined himself $50 for not changing the device to vibrate.

The judge explained that he only had the phone on him because he had made a call during recess. In his rush to get back to court, he forgot to turn off the ringer.

“I’m not above the law. We operate by laws and rules, and people have to follow them,” Judge Clarke said. The judge took $50 from his pocket and handed it to an officer of the court. “Why would I treat myself differently?” Clarke asked. “That would make me a hypocrite,” he said.