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Pizza delivery man seen on video successfully throwing pizza boxes up to third floor window

By Mason White 10:08 AM February 23, 2014
Customer catches pizza that was launched into the air 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A pizza delivery man who didn’t feel like climbing three flights of stairs, decided to deliver his pizza boxes by throwing them up to the third floor window, a video uploaded to YouTube showed.

The amazing video clip titled “Extreme Pizza Delivery,” has been posted to YouTube by Thomas Scott Oldbury of Manchester, United Kingdom.

The video showed the gravity-defying skills of the pizza delivery person, and the video quickly went viral on the Internet.

The man taking the video said that he didn’t think it was possible to deliver pizza in such a manner, but that’s exactly what happened.

Apparently, the customer wasn’t in the mood of going down the three flights of stairs either. After receiving the pizza boxes, the man was seen on video throwing down his payment to the pizza delivery person before driving off.