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Teacher slammed after 5-year-old students had sex in school bathroom

By Mason White 12:04 PM February 24, 2014
School toilet illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A New Jersey teacher is under fire after her students were found naked and having sex in the school bathroom.

Kelly Mascio of Mullica Township, who has been teaching for over 15 years, has been suspended with pay after the shocking discovery.

According to a police report, two five-year-old children, a boy and a girl, entered the bathroom together. Mascio found them naked in the bathroom, and they told her that they were having sex.

Mascio immediately reported the incident to the school principal, who contacted the police. However, Mascio was suspended immediately. Police did not file any criminal charges.

Last October, a 14-year-old boy was arrested after a woman spotted him having sex with a girl in public.

Now, the teen of Karoi, Zimbabwe, was convicted of having sex with an underage girl.

The incident began when the boy met a girl, 13-years-old, and began talking.

The boy sweet talked the girl into meeting him later that afternoon.

The two agreed to meet around 5:00 p.m. that day, so that they could talk about their new relationship.

They later met at a field near the girl’s house.

As it got dark, the girl’s mother became concerned about her daughter’s whereabouts. The mother went outside to look for the teen.

As she made ​​her way through the grass in the field nearby, the mother was surprised to find her daughter and the young man having sex.

The boy attempted to escape, but was caught. The girl’s mother took the matter to the boy’s parents.

She also reported the case to the police, who eventually arrested the boy.

A judge ordered the boy to do 105 hours of community service.

The 14-year-old initially faced a three-months prison sentence before the judge gave him a suspended sentence. He was placed on probation instead.

This was the teen’s first offense and he had been influenced by peer pressure, according to court documents.

The court ordered the child’s father to surrender his own identification card, which will be given back to the father only after providing proof that his son had served his sentence of community service.