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96-year-old man horrified after finding rat in his King Kullen birthday cake

By Mason White 3:50 PM February 24, 2014
Birthday cake illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) An elderly man who was looking forward to celebrate his birthday with his favorite birthday cake, was horrified to find a rat while eating a piece, the lawyer for the man said in a statement.

96-year-old Joe Valente of Long Island, New York, first complained that the special apple pie cake did not taste right. Then, when he and his family cut open the cake, they noticed a black blob.

After looking through the entire cake, family members discovered a rat tail and parts of the body baked inside.
The tail also left behind blood stains in the cake. Valente suffered stomach pains and diarrhea after eating a piece of the cake.

A family lawyer asked state officials to investigate exactly what happened at the bakery that sold the rat cake. The lawyer said that King Kullen bakery was negligent.

A King Kullen spokesperson said that the company has removed all apple pie cakes and all their bakeries have been inspected.