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Man arrested after trying to pay restaurant bill with $1 trillion note when his credit card was declined

By Mason White 11:45 AM February 25, 2014
Fake $10 bill illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A man was arrested after he allegedly tried to pay a bill with a $1 trillion note, police in South Carolina said.

Sumter Police said that they arrested the man at an Applebee’s restaurant after receiving a report of a customer trying to use a $1 trillion note as cash.

Police said that the Applebee’s staff called them to report Michael Williams, 53, after he offered to pay for his meal with a $1 trillion note when his credit card was denied. Police officers who arrived at the scene, discovered that Williams was wanted in an unrelated contempt of court case.

Charges for the fake currency case are still pending.

Last December, a man was arrested after allegedly buying jewelry in Thailand, with counterfeit currency, according to police reports.

The man, who was in Thailand on a business trip, was arrested while buying a gift for his wife.

It all began when the man went to a jewelry store in order to buy his wife a gift.

After choosing an item, the man handed the store owner a $100 bill, and waited for change. The seller examined the bill and determined that it is a fake.

The man began to argue with the store owner, so the store owner decided to call the police. Within minutes, police arrived at the scene. That is when the man was arrested and taken into custody.

The suspect told police that he had received the dollar bills from a local currency changer.

The man will be detained in Thailand, for at least another month. The man was released on bail.

Police urge foreigners to change currency only at banks.