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Police officer kills 2 people after bus driver refused to pay 60 cent bribe

By Mason White 11:01 AM February 26, 2014
Bus driver’s seat 

By: Anika Rao
A police officer was arrested, charged and convicted of murder after killing two people when a bus driver was unwilling to pay a bribe, prosecutors in Nigeria said.

Now, the police officer was sentenced to death by hanging.

Clemente Indyel was accused of killing two people while he was struggling with a commercial bus driver. The fight broke out after the bus driver refused to pay a N100 ($0.60) bribe.

Sergeant Ali Bello and Corporal Auwalu Kwale, were sentenced to life imprisonment for their role in the shooting. The two victims were identified as Chinyeaka Kamalu and Ugochukwu Harcourt. The two were on the bus when the argument broke out.

The court also ordered the police commissioner to charge several other police officers, who were involved in the incident.