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Woman attacked in bar because she was wearing Google Glass

By Mason White 11:06 AM February 26, 2014
Google Glass illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A woman was attacked because she was wearing Google Glass, while enjoying a night out at a California bar.

Sarah Slocum, was in a bar in San Francisco on Friday night, showing off how the new device works when someone ripped it off her face and fled.

Another person who accompanied the thief told the victim that she is polluting the area. The victim ran after the thief and managed to get back her Google Glass, but her purse, cell phone and wallet were stolen while she was busy getting her device back.

The victim notified the local police of the attack.

Google Glass can do all sorts of things. As we reported earlier, the Sex With Glass app allows Google Glass holders to see sex with the partner’s eyes.

Everything was designed to make sex a little better, the developers said. “We asked ourselves ‘How can we make sex more impressive with Google Glass?’ This is our answer,” they said.

The application can also provide a little help along the way as lovers can ask the Sex With Glass app for some suggestions on how to please their partner. All that needs to be done is say “glass give me ideas.”

When you’re done you just say “glass pull out.” The app will also record the session for five hours. “You can now see sex in a completely different angle,” the developers added.