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Jealous husband stabs his sleeping wife after discovering sexy messages on her cellphone

By Mason White 10:58 AM February 27, 2014
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By: Sanvi Rizvi
A man flew into a rage after looking through his wife’s mobile phone, police in the United Kingdom said.

Manchester Police said that 38-year-old Oluwabusayo Abegunde, tried to kill his wife after discovering that she had been drinking and clubbing with another man.

It all began when the man decided to flip through his wife’s mobile phone. He launched his attack while his 33-year-old wife Esther was sleeping.

The man said that his wife told him earlier that their marriage was over and she moved into another room. The man stabbed his wife while their two little children were asleep in the next room.

The man agreed to call police only after his wife promised to tell the authorities that she tried to commit suicide. He also tried to kill himself, but only made a small cut on his chest with the knife before emergency services arrived.

His wife was rushed to hospital, where she told police what happened. The man was charged with attempted murder and causing serious bodily harm.