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Teen recruits 4 classmates to kill his father and 13-year-old brother

By Mason White 6:08 AM February 3, 2014
Thorsten Rushing (left) his mother and slain brother Stefan 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A family was left shattered after a teenage boy decided to kill his father and younger brother.

Police were called to a shootout in Lawton, Oklahoma. When they arrived, they found a grieving teenager.

18-year-old Thorsten Rushing told police that he was watching television when two masked men entered the home and opened fire, killing his father and 13-year-old brother.

However, during the investigation, officers uncovered that Rushing was actually the shooter.

Police also learned that Rushing used four classmates to plan the murder.

He along with four teenage friends were arrested on Saturday, the day his father, Uwe Rushing, 49, and brother Stefan were buried.

Lawton Police believe that the 18-year-old fired the gun that killed his family, and that the killings were part of a conspiracy hatched with his peers.

Officers arrested Thorsten Rushing along with his friends Ethan Thompson, 19, Cody Davis, 19, Timothy Delahoy, 18, and Wesley Banston, 17, for the murder.

Police believe at least one of the 4 was at the house when Rushing killed his family.

So far, police do not have a motive for the murder.

The online profile of Lavonne Bynum, Thorsten Rushing’s mother, indicates that she lives in the same town, but her address is not listed as the home where the murders took place.