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Boy, 10, seen sitting on pillows so he can drive his drunk father’s car

By Mason White 2:15 PM February 4, 2014
The 10-year-old driver 

By: Anika Rao
A police officer was surprised when a car nearly hit his vehicle on the road.

The officer went to investigate and was shocked to find a 10-year-old at the wheel.

The police in South Africa, saw the boy sitting on a pillow so he could see the road.

Although he was able to see ahead of him, the child still nearly hit the officer’s car when he drove around a corner.

The quick thinking boy, who was not wearing a seatbelt , immediately hit the brakes, to avoid an accident.

His 35-year-old father was sitting next to him drinking beer.

The car registration was expired and the father did not have a driver’s license.

The man told the officer that his son had begged him to be allowed to drive the Toyota, Corolla.

The father faces fines for committing several traffic violations.