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Drunk woman seen on video riding horse into supermarket as part of new internet craze called NekNomination

By Mason White 2:46 PM February 5, 2014
Woman drinking on horse in Tesco 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A new and dangerous craze is emerging on social media sites, and it is called NekNomination.

NekNomination involves recording yourself drinking an entire bottle of hard liquor in one sitting, and sharing the feat on social media with the hashtag #neknominate.

One woman took the craze to a whole new level when she went into a Tesco supermarket while sitting on a horse and drinking hard liquor.

The woman was seen riding the horse through the store’s fruit and vegetable aisles and downing her drink.

When security guards tried to get the woman to leave, she told them to join the online craze.

The NekNomination craze has been cited in the deaths of two teenagers during the weekend, in Ireland.

19-year-old Jonny Byrne of Carlow, Ireland, died when he fell into a river while trying to perform a NekNomination stunt.

Ross Cummins, 22, who was a DJ In Dublin, also died after reportedly playing “NekNomination.”