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Man keeps his pregnant high school sweetheart alive until she gives birth

By Mason White 6:22 AM February 6, 2014
Dylan and Robyn Benson 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A newlywed couple was looking forward to the birth of their first child.

The Canadians were high school sweethearts and were very much looking forward to starting their family.

However, tragedy struck when Robyn Benson of Victoria, suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Benson was 22 weeks pregnant when she began complaining of a headache.

Her husband, Dylan, went to the store to get pain reliever for her, but when he returned home, he found his wife stumped over and unconscious in the bathroom.

She was taken to the hospital, but there was nothing the doctors could do to save her.

She was declared brain dead.

Now, doctors are trying to keep her body alive for at least seven weeks, and they hope to deliver a healthy baby boy via cesarean section.

“On one hand , I cannot wait to meet my son. However, I know that it will be time to say goodbye to Robyn,” Benson said.