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Woman sentenced to 20 months in jail after abusing herself on Facebook

By Mason White 6:18 AM February 6, 2014
Michelle Chapman 

By: Hydar Tomar
A woman was jailed after she sent herself abusive messages through Facebook and email.

Michelle Chapman, 24, of the United Kingdom, met her father, who was not in her life, at age 21.

Her father, Roy Jackson, decided to track down his daughter after marrying his current wife Louise Steen.

However, according to prosecutors, Chapman did not like her father’s wife and tried to break up the marriage.

While visiting her father, Chapman got into an argument with her new stepmother. She came up with an elaborate scheme to have the woman arrested and out of her father’s life.

She created fake Facebook accounts for her stepmother and other family members, and sent herself hundreds of abusive messages including sexual taunts.

For a full year, Chapman updated the fake Facebook pages with family pictures, so they look authentic.

Chapman then reported the abuse to the police.

Her stepmother was arrested and other family members received a warning.

The evil plot was eventually uncovered when Internet experts determined that the offending Facebook pages were created using the computer at Chapman’s home in Par, Cornwall.

The details were revealed in Truro Crown Court in Cornwall, and the judge ordered Chapman to spend 20 months in jail.

Judge Christopher Harvey Clark confiscated her computer and gave her a restraining order against contacting the victims.

“These people have suffered a lot of anxiety as a result of your evil behavior,” he said.

Her husband, Glyn Chapman, 57, is standing by his wife saying that “she has mental health problems and it was a cry for help.”