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Florida police officer arrested for stealing an expensive watch during burglary investigation

By Mason White 9:06 AM February 7, 2014
Movado watch illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A Florida police officer is in trouble after he stole an expensive watch while taking a report about a burglary.

Thieves broke into the Jared jewelry store on 110th Street and Pines Boulevard.

Pembroke Pines Highway Patrol officer Kevin Burgs, 36, responded to the crime scene.

Two surveillance cameras were rolling and recorded officer Burgs picking up a $795 men’s Movado watch, which the burglars dropped while fleeing from the scene.

Rather than giving the watch to the store owner, who has suffered $75,000 in lost goods and an additional $10,000 in property damage, the officer placed the watch into the pocket of his pants.

After seeing the surveillance video of his actions, Burgs was confronted by his colleagues.

He allegedly admitted to the theft. Officers found the watch in Burgs’ car.

Burgs was released from jail after paying $1,000 bail.

He has also been suspended from his job as a police officer with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.