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Domestic violence suspect breaks officer’s teeth by slamming him into a shed

By Mason White 9:09 AM February 7, 2014
Luis Enrique Flores 

By: Aarav Sen
A police officer was hospitalized after he was roughed up by a suspect.

The police officer in California, was responding to a call about domestic violence. The fleeing suspect grabbed the officer and slammed him into a wooden shed.

Luis Enrique Flores, 31, has been arrested for allegedly assaulting the Fontana police officer.

During the attack, the officer lost two teeth and received serious facial injuries.

Flores is accused of attacking the police officer after running out of a home during a domestic violence and kidnapping call, on Monday.

The suspect was eventually subdued by the injured officer.

The officer was treated for the missing teeth and facial lacerations, and was released from a hospital on Tuesday.

Flores faces a host of charged, which includes burglary, attempted kidnapping, resisting a police officer resulting in serious injury and battery resulting in serious injury.